Greenery and Nature effects on Exercise

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You may have noticed our beautiful Greenery wall at Mysa Studio. Indoor plants liven up spaces and are very aesthetically pleasing but they also offer numerous health benefits!

A number of studies have looked at the benefits of indoor plants and the psychological and physical benefits that they provide:

  1. Improve the air quality and reduce presence of dangerous or ill-health producing compounds/molecules in the air
  2. Decrease symptoms of ill-health and improve self-reported quality of life
  3. Prevent fatigue during attention demanding work (like Pilates!)
  4. Improve feelings of comfort and create feelings of being soothed or calm 
  5. Improve mood
  6. Lower stress and feelings of anxiety or unease
  7. Improve humidity to ease respiratory ailments and dry skin
  8. Allergy relief (reduce dust and mold)

We want the studio to be a serene space that continues to focus on our ethos of human wellness. By incorporating a Greenery wall packed full of beautiful plants we hope to create a space that feels good to be in – but also makes us feel good on a physiologic level. Walking into and out of the studio should make you feel calm and at peace. With the added benefit of knowing your time in the studio helped your body not only through exercise and all the health-producing benefits (check our other blogs on the importance of Pilates) but also just by breathing the air you helped your body out!

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