Why Should I Do Reformer Pilates?

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The Pilates Method we complete at Mysa Studio is a contemporary version of the original Pilates method created by the late Joseph Pilates. The goal is to improve flexibility, build strength and develop both control and endurance for the entire body. Hence it was originally named ‘Contrology’ when created in the early 20th century. We emphasise alignment, breathing, core strength, coordination and balance. This is because we want to help train your mind and body to find it’s ideal postural alignment and create healthy movement patterns to implement into your daily life. The original Reformer machines were designed to rehabilitate bed-bound WW1 patients. The current sleak, snazzy machines are quite a progression from the original! 

You may find your instructors referencing breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage connection, scapular (shoulder blade) positioning and head and neck placement. This is to ensure you are completing both safe and effective exercises. 

We want to make sure you get the most out of your sessions. Our classes combine modern theories of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation with the original concepts of body awareness and alignment. The main premise involves ‘core’ strengthening, where muscles of the abdomen, low back and hips are considered to be a person’s main stability. 

What are the benefits? 

The Pilates method; directed to developing both the body and mind of the individual is comprehensive. It’s accessible to everyone and its highly inclusive; athletes, office workers, weekend warriors or completely new to working out, you can do Reformer Pilates. It improves strength, flexibility and balance but also concentration, mind-muscle connection, coordination and postural alignment. It’s low-impact, combines strength with mobility and emphasizes movement patterning and deep-core engagement. 

Reformer pilates has been shown to: 

  1. Improve sleep quality
  2. Build whole-body strength
  3. Improve mental health
  4. Accelerate weight loss
  5. Improve flexibility
  6. Improve cardiovascular health including blood pressure, heart rate and blood-glucose
  7. Improve spinal health
  8. Reduce injury risk
  9. Improve postural alignment and body awareness
  10. Improve balance

Among many more! We’ll post again about this soon. 

If you have any further questions, head to our website at: or speak to one of our friendly instructors. See you in the Studio!

Suna, G. and Isildak, K., 2020. Investigation of the Effect of 8-Week Reformer Pilates Exercise on Flexibility, Heart Rate and Glucose Levels in Sedentary Women. Asian Journal of Education and Training, 6(2), pp.226-230.

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