Classes based on Your Goals

We believe in classes that are tailored to your specific needs


Reformer Pilates

Movements that promote flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance. Our Reformer Pilates instructors will lead you through a series of movements to help you connect your mind and body, we aim to build your mobility, strength, coordination and flexibility.


Barre classes take the foundations of Pilates and combine it with Ballet and Yoga principles. It focuses on the full body with cardiorespiratory training, strength training, and mobility training.

Stretch and Restore - Reformer

Think of this as your ‘recovery’ class from your week or workouts. We’re working on mobility and seeking a much needed release in our high-paced lives.
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Foundation Reformer

Ease into your Reformer Practice. Learn the repertoire, principles and master the basics of Reformer Pilates or refine your technique. 

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Intermediate Reformer

Increase the challenge of your Reformer Pilates session, expanding on the repertoire from the Foundation classes and increasing the challenge of stamina, balance, and strength.

Power Reformer

Take your Reformer session to the next level. Continue the principles learned in Foundation and Intermediate Reformer classes but increase the difficulty with more balance, coordination and harder strength movements.


Barre Classes

Combining strength, agility, and flexibility in a Pilates/Ballet hybrid. Each barre class is designed to be a full-body endurance, strength, and mobility workout. Lots of music and energy, you’ll get your heart pumping!

Still not sure what’s right for you? Our friendly team will be more than happy to help! Click here to contact us.


Mums & Bubs Classes

New mum? Bring your bub along and let us take the stress out of getting back into exercise. Focus on reconnecting with your body and nurturing the niggles which come with birth and bubs.

Please note: these classes are for clients with bubs that are not yet very mobile. Prams & rugs very welcome.


Jumpboard Reformer

For an extra component, we use the Jumpboard to increase the power generated by your muscles. An added challenge to your strength, power and coordination.

Still not sure what’s right for you? Our friendly team will be more than happy to help! Click here to contact us.


Frequency Asked Questions

If you are still unsure which class is right for you, our friendly team will be more than happy to help! Please click here to contact us. 

Mysa Studio is open to everyone. You can attend even if you’re brand new to exercise.

New clients will need an account with MINDBODY which can be created through our website or through the MINDBODY App (Download app from the Apple or Android icon at the bottom of the page). This system is for all bookings, cancellations, purchases and accounts (including contracts/memberships). We highly recommend downloading the MINDBODY App for easy class schedule management.

We recommend starting with our Foundation Reformer or Stretch & Restore Reformer as these classes are more beginner friendly to help acclimatise you to the Reformer machines and get you more comfortable with the Mysa Studio Repertoire.

Reformer Pilates is performed on the reformer machine which is a bed-like frame that uses weighted springs to create resistance.

Reformer Pilates is generally more intense and dynamic than mat-based Pilates due to the repertoire of exercises available. The exercises typically work muscles through a wide range of motion, which is ideal for strengthening muscles as well as increasing joint stability.

Bookings can be created through the MINDBODY App or our website *here*. 

We like to keep our classes small to ensure everyone gets more instructor time resulting in better technique and improved results, but this means we have a limited number of spots in class so bookings are essential.

*We highly recommend downloading the MINDBODY App for easy class schedule management.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first class so you can meet and discuss goals, injuries and all things Pilates with your instructor. This gives you an opportunity to run-through the Reformer machines if you are new to Pilates.

You will need Grip Socks and a water bottle. Grip socks are available in the studio for $15.

You need to create a Mindbody account or login with your existing account to make purchases or bookings. There is a banner at the top of the website pages to purchase this offer, or you can use our schedule and it will be available as a pricing option at checkout as you book your first class.

If you have an injury or medical condition you will need clearance from your General Practitioner or Physiotherapist to attend Pilates classes. Our instructors are educated to modify their classes for injuries and special considerations so you can still get the most from your exercise. Ensure you inform your instructors of any injuries prior to beginning exercise.

Yes, we highly encourage you to exercise whilst pregnant if you were active prior to your pregnancy. You are welcome to continue your exercise with us throughout your pregnancy. You will need clearance from your General Practitioner or Obstetrician.

Our instructors will adapt your session however it remains the individual’s responsibility to work within their limits around positioning and suitability of repertoire.

Our Exercise Physiologists don’t recommend starting a new exercise regime if you were not exercising prior to your pregnancy, seeing a health professional for 1:1 advice is best in this instance.

Please cancel >4 hours before your class through the MINDBODY App or our website. If you cancel your booking within 4 hours of your class it will use one of your passes or if you are a member you will be charged a $10 Late Cancellation Fee. 

Due to our small class numbers, it's important to be considerate of other attendees and waitlists by canceling as soon as possible, allowing other clients to attend.

Our classes are capped at 8 to allow for more instructor time, however this means they do book out fast. We use a waitlist system which will notify you through the MINDBODY system via email or text up to 1 hour before your class. 

We offer Class-Packages of 5 or 10 classes or a weekly membership option of Unlimited classes. All of our pricing options can be found on MINDBODY or *our website*.

If you have been unable to use your pass due to illness or injury please reach out to us at and we will do our best to accomodate you.

The 14 Days Unlimited Classes for $50 activates from the first class booking. If you have made your first booking on Tuesday and then try to book the Monday before, the system won’t recognise the pass. Please contact us at and we can resolve this.

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