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why choose us?
why choose us?

The Mysa Studio Difference?

We have built a community that supports growth and focuses on nurturing health and wellness. Feel comfortable and confident in our space that welcomes every level of experience, fitness, age, and ability. Expect our undivided attention from your Pilates instructor in our private or small group classes. Whether you’re new or have been practicing Pilates for years, we’re here to support you at every stage of your journey.

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About US

Meet the Team

Yi Jia Instructor Pilates Como Studio

About Yi Jia

Yi Jia


It started off with a freak accident while horse riding which resulted in me being unable to exercise! Once I recovered, I tried many workouts and soon enough discovered Barre. Barre was the only thing that could keep me hooked and coming back for more! One thing led to another and soon I was down the rabbit hole exploring Pilates and decided to get training and certifications in everything to share my love!

I cannot decide! They all have their benefits depending on my mood for the day! 🙂

As for pilates Exercises/Sequences, definitely abs with arms in straps! I absolutely love the sensation of achieving abdominal connection, whilst being able to layer this exercise in so many ways! There is something for everybody in this exercise. 

Getting my matcha fix - sometimes with cake! It is my guilty pleasure.

I also enjoy horse riding, reading, giving my pets one too many smooches, and attending endless pilates and barre classes! 

Stretch and Restore - Reformer Pilates Como Studio

About Evangeline

Evangeline | Evie

Managing Director & Instructor 

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist I'm always looking for opportunities to learn and grow my skills. Pilates, especially Reformer Pilates, is such an all-encompassing form of exercise that can be progressed or regressed for anybody with any condition/injury and has so many benefits. I wanted to learn more for my rehabilitation clients but completely fell in love with Reformer Pilates and it's inclusive, effective style for improving quality of life and even preventing injuries.

I love Power and I love Stretch & Restore. I love how we can incorporate hard sets and strength training into the Power classes & pump the music a bit! With Stretch & Restore, I always feel so nimble after, I even just have fun programming these classes as it's fun to work with the Reformer machines!

My favourite prop is the magic circle, I love the burn with feet in straps. I also love single arm series in the straps and the variety you can create!

I love Bread Espresso (you can catch me there most mornings after I finish teaching.. or before!) and Our Ruby Girl. You can also catch me at Manning Farmers market on Saturday morning, a walk at Bibra Lake or a swim & coffee down at Leighton beach.

As a board member for a small South of the River Animal Rescue called Don't Go Astray Inc., I'm often fostering cats and coordinating adoptions for this rescue.

Aside from PSC, I work in a gym and I love strength training. I love time in nature and all that entails, walking/hiking, camping, swimming and listening to comedy podcasts.

About Liz

Elizabeth | Liz

Admin Assistant & Instructor

At the beginning of the year, I suffered a knee injury and I had to change my whole outlook towards training and exercise. I began Pilates and I fell in love! Not only has Pilates increase my strength, but it has also helped me to become more connected and in tune with my body. My passion and love for Pilates has continued to grow. I support holistic health, where connecting the mind and body supports a more balanced and happy life overall.

Power and Intermediate. I love the burn, and I am a bit of an endorphin seeker!

I'm a big fan of lunges/scooter/arabesque combos. I also enjoy upper body sequences like shoulder retractions, tricep extensions and bicep curls - incorporating c-curves and rotations.

Coffee, slow mornings with my partner & pup, gym or a cheeky hike, spending time at home being a hermit or with some friends or family!

I also love cooking, Pilates, hiking, going on adventures, spending time with friends, family & doggo.

Victoria | Vicky Instructor Pilates Como Studio

About Victoria

Victoria | Vicky


I was a professional Ballet dancer for 8 and a half years with the West Australian Ballet Company. I was drawn to Pilates and Barre as a way to pass on my knowledge about technique and alignment to help my clients.

Barre. It’s upbeat, fun, full of energy and incorporates a lot of technique to build strength and long, lean muscles. There is always great music in my classes too! My favourite Pilates sequence is short spine with feet in straps. It’s all about the deep core and control, it feels great once you master it.

Around barre and Pilates classes, usually spending time With my fiancé and 2 years old daughter. You can catch me enjoying a glass of wine or skinny latte after a day of gardening or painting. We enjoy renovating our family home so each weekend is always busy.

I absolutely love being a mumma, home renos, and flower arrangements during my spare time (I used to own a wedding floral business!). 

Emily | Em Insutrctor Pilates Como Studio

About Emily

Emily | Em


After 14 years working in training and development and starting my own personal Pilates journey 4 years ago, last year I decided to combine these two passions (Pilates / teaching others) and complete my training to become a Pilates instructor! One of the best decisions I have made!

Power Pilates & Barre. My favourite exercise is Joseph Pilates original contrology repertoire. 

Attending a Pilates class myself, spending time with my daughter, friends & family & teaching Pilates on Sunday’s. I also enjoy travelling, hiking & the beach! Also looking to start stand up paddle boarding this summer! 

Intermediate Reformer Pilates Como Studio

About Lany



I decided to become a Pilates Instructor because Pilates is the type of exercise I enjoy doing the most! As an Instructor I get to help people understand their body, muscle groups and postures to really optimise their workouts and make them more effective.

Power - I feel so full of energy after class! Stretch - I feel like my body gets lighter afterwards.

I love spending time with my daughters and entertaining them. When I don’t have them, I love a bit of red wine and chocolate and entertaining myself!

I also enjoy aerial workouts, Lyra hoop dance, dressmaking, scuba diving, and of course, original bubble tea!

client reviews

What They Say About Us

Lovely space, excellent, professional teachers, great variety and warm, welcoming atmosphere, highly recommended

Helen F.

It's a great, low impact way of exercising to build strength and improve flexibility. I also love the community at class, the people and instructors are all lovely.

Alexandra W.

Instructors are 👍 I like the Reformer- exercises are very smooth and easy on the body.

Maureen K.

Girls very knowledgeable and instructed well. We're very friendly and made us welcome as the newbies

Kerry W.

Love the vibe, community feel, energy of all instructors. Enjoying early morning barre too!

Casey N.

I love the classes that I take there by the different instructors. Can not fault them. Always working different parts and enjoy them.

Julijana F.

Great work out. Fabulous instructors. Personalised. Unpretentious. Super qualified instructors. Interesting and enjoyable!

Elizabeth F.

From my experience - Instructors are always observing the classes and guiding every attendee efficiently with help and/ or options to obtain maximum benefit from the class. Always feel so very good afterwards. Great care given in options in difficult circumstances.

Dawn R.

There are exceptional teachers, varied classes to suit all levels and great atmosphere. It is a wonderful experience. I now have a better life work balance. I sleep many more hours, I leave work on time and my core strength has improved.

Carolyn L.

Really enjoy the classes, and ability to select a session to meet my requirements for that day. The Stretch and Restore is fantastic for my back and helps support a great night's sleep afterwards 🙂

Erica S.
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