What Is Barre?

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What is Barre and why do we offer it at Mysa Studio?

Barre is a type of exercise which integrates ballet, pilates and yoga principles. Many of the main movements are derived from classical dance and ballet positions which then combine with principles and movements from yoga and pilates. At Mysa Studio you’ll see we use hand weights, exercise balls or resistance bands to add a little something extra to your sessions. A barre class will often emphasize form, alignment, posture and core engagement. Often these classes will contain high repetitions with a lot of pulsing. The classes are designed to be full-body and muscle endurance based, with a big cardiorespiratory effect – they are hard!

These kinds of workouts will build strength and muscle whilst increasing your mobility and flexibility. But it also increases your muscular endurance, balance, range of motion and posture. It can be a great addition to athletic programmes due to the comprehensiveness of the repertoire – working in all planes of movement. 

Our lovely instructors can program for total beginners, those returning to exercise or those who have tried many other kinds of exercise class. These classes can feel a bit overwhelming at first due to their faster pace and challenging exercises but you will quickly get the hang of it. 

As with Pilates, you want to be comfortable whilst exercising so wear some of your favourite athleisure and some grip socks! We recommend more snug clothing to allow our instructors to see your form so that they can help you to optimize the movements and get the most out of your class. As with all of our classes, we highly recommend bringing water and staying hydrated!

Utilize our mirrors! If you haven’t done this kind of class before, the mirror can be incredibly useful to help you to get your form and technique right. 

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