Rice Paper Rolls & Peanut Sauce

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Quick & Easy – Rice Paper Rolls & Peanut Sauce ūü•Ď

The beauty of this meal is how versatile it can be! Ingredients can be changed based on your preferences, and you can have it any time of the day. The options are endless and the result is always delicious and you are left feeling satisfied. 

What you will need for the Rice Paper Rolls : 
Rice paper rolls 
Bag of cut up veggies (we like to use the superfood option which has cabbage, kale, and carrot) 
Avocado sliced 
Chicken thighs or tofu Рcan make your own or for a speedy option we have used the Mr Barker chicken breast slices. 
@slendier noodles or rice noodles 
Spring onion Рthinly slice into strips 

In this video we have used the @slendier noodles, however you can use whatever you prefer. Rice noodles are a nutritious substitute, otherwise you can opt for a noodle-less roll and include more veg or protein!  

What you will need for the Peanut Sauce: 
¬Ĺ cup – Natural unsalted peanut butter
¬Ĺ cup – Water (depending on how thick you like it)¬†
2 tbsp – Tamari
1 tbsp – Honey (if you like some sweetness) or maple syrup to make it vegan
1 tbsp РApple cider vinegar 
1-2 tbsp –¬† Fresh coriander or a big handful if you like the flavour¬†
1 inch РPeeled ginger 
1-2 Рcloves of garlic 
¬Ĺ –¬† lime or lemon juiced¬†
Optional Р1 tbsp РSriracha or fresh chilli if you like spicy 

A few tips: 
To change the thickness of the sauce, we recommend adding small bits of water into the blender at a time until your preferred consistency is gained. Additionally, don’t be afraid to mix it up and adjust the sauce based on your preference. For example;¬†
If you prefer more of a sweeter sauce, add some more honey or maple syrup.
If you like more herby, throw that coriander or even mint or parsley in! 
If you don’t like peanuts, or have an allergy, you can substitute for a different nut butter or remove it all together.  
Lime or lemon is definitely encouraged as the acidity helps to balance out the flavours.
Finally, you can always leave out the vinegar and use extra lemon or lime.  


  1. Prepare ingredients – veggies, avocado, spring onion, chicken, cucumber, noodles (cook and drain or if you use @slendier noodles, just rinse & drain).
  2. Prepare a large bowl of hot water.  
  3. Place rice paper into hot water and turn a few times.  
  4. Lay down and add ingredients in through the centre Рbe mindful the more ingredients, the harder it is to roll. 
  5. Roll one side over, then tuck in the sides and finish rolling.

Tip – Place on a plate as the wooden board will absorb moisture and can break the roll later on. 

~ Blitz the sauce ingredients with food processor or blender. Change the consistency as recommended above. 

~ Serve and enjoy ūü•Ę

Other ingredients we have tried and loved include: 

>Marinated or regular tofu Рmedium/firm (you can buy pre-marinated tofu from your local supermarket) 
>Beef strips 
>Leftover Roast Pork 
>Roast pumpkin, sweet potato or dutch carrots 
>Pan fried Zucchini strips 
>Raw veg РCapscium strips, carrot sticks, beetroot grated 
>Scrambled egg 

If you give this a go, please tag us or send us a message! We’d love to see what you make!

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